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Hypnotherapy Melbourne - Counselling Melbourne

 You Can Easily Loose Weight...!

You Can Easily Stop Smoking...!

Fad Diets DON’T Work……
Patches & Gum are NOT the Answer

……..neither addresses the issues of why a particular person gains weight or smokes. This is why most people put weight back on again after dieting or start to smoke again after giving it up. Clinical Hypnotherapy identifies the underlying issues behind why we become overweight or smoke. Once these “associations” are identified and “eliminated” from the subconscious mind, it is relatively easy to loose weight and KEEP IT OFF and to stop smoking FOREVER!

Transent Hypnotherapy & Counselling quality Hypnotherapy and Counseling to help you lose weight, stop smoking or address any other personal problem you may have.

Transent Hypnotherapy & Counselling. Accredited Clinical Practitioner. C.Hea. Cln.Hyp.
Refrences: Dr Frank Jockel Ph.D. 03 9885 4767 and Mr Nino Borsari ..Dip.Cln.Hyp A.S.C.H. 03 9728 4449

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Weight Loss Melbourne - Stop Smoking Melbourne


What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is an altered state of mind brought about by the appropriate relaxation of the physical body and areas of the brain which enables access to the subconscious mind. Through the process of suggestion, the subconscious mind causes changes to compulsive behavior, fears and the removal of habitual behaviour and limiting beliefs.

Does it work?

Over the past half century, tens of thousands of medical journal articles and psychological scientific papers have conclusively proven the effectiveness of clinical hypnotherapy in dealing with a wide variety of issues. Clinical Hypnotherapy is now a highly respected medical modality and is practiced by doctors, psychologists, dentists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Even law enforcement agencies throughout the world use hypnosis to assist witnesses to recall precise details relating to a crime. Your brain has recorded everything you have experienced in your life. Through the technique of age regression, Clinical Hypnosis can access even early childhood memories.  

Do I lose Control?

Regrettably a large number of people miss out on the outstanding benefits Clinical Hypnotherapy can provide because of misguided fears about hypnosis as portrayed by Stage Hypnotists and the media. Imagined fear prevents many people from experiencing clinical hypnotherapy when in reality there is no need for concern. Only YOU decide when you want to go into a state of altered consciousness. No one has the power to hypnotise you against your will. During Clinical Hypnotherapy, the client has complete control at all times and can end the therapy at any time. The hypnotherapist simply assists you to use your own natural abilities to make the changes you want in your life. For instance, breaking habits that hold you back and stand between where you are now and where you want to be.

Can Hypnosis Help Me?

Hypnotherapy can vastly improve the quality of your life. Nearly anyone can experience hypnosis easily and effortlessly, and its benefits are remarkable. How many successful sports men and women do you know of who do not receive psychological counselling from a coach? A Clinical Hypnotherapist is similar in some respects to a coach who assists you to overcome obsticals that stand in your way and holding you back from leading a balanced, healthy, happy life.

Anxiety - Stress - Phobias - Obesity - Sleeping Disorders - Stuttering -Anger Management - Nail Biting - Depression - Panic Attacks - Jealousy - Exam Nerves - Sexual Problems - Obsessions (OCD) - Poor Memory - Relationship Issues - Alcohol Abuse - Gamboling Addiction - Drug Abuse


Hypnotherapy Melbourne - Counselling Melbourne


 Transent Hypnotherapy & Counselling


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 Transent Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Hypnotherapy Melbourne - Counselling Melbourne - Weight Loss Melbourne - Stop Smoking Melbourne

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Hypnotherapy Melbourne - Counselling Melbourne

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